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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesdays #5

This awkward story is actually more about a person than a particular incident. A crazy person. A crazy person who used to be my roommate a few years ago. We were roommates for about 3 extremely awkward months. Her name was April.

April and I met at work. I was in hair school at the time, and working full time for the HR dept of a credit union. My job was basically to go through all of the employment applications for the entire company, sort through them, enter stuff into the computer about each person... most boring and redundant job ever hehe. The only perk to my job was that my desk was in the front of the corporate building, I was also the receptionist, so I got to see everyone in the building on a daily basis and I made a lot of friends that way (much better than sitting in the actual HR dept in a cubicle). Anytime anyone came into that building, I had to check them in and announce them to which ever dept they were going to, and this included people coming in for interviews. April was one of the interviewees (is this a word?) and while she was waiting to go in for her interview, she and i got to talking. She was upbeat, outgoing, friendly, and seemed like a nice girl. We got to talking about how we were both at the time looking for a roommate. She got the job, and was working in the building, so we became fast friends. After only a couple weeks, we decided to move in together as roommates, and starting looking immediately. We found this amazing place, but there was a waiting list for the building. It was beautiful, in downtown Norfolk, there was a doorman and all the guests had to check in at the front desk, a pool and hot tub on the roof (over 20 stories high) and the apartments were actually really spacious and you could see the entire city from most floors. We put our names on the list... but didnt think we'd ever hear back in the amount of time we needed to find a place. Long story short, we got lucky and got a call about a week later, filled out the paperwork, and were moved in within a month.

April and I were spending a lot of time together before moving in, so we'd get to know each other. She was very close with her mom, she was an only child, was always so full of life, and quite honestly, was always the center of attention, but it didnt seem like a bad thing because she was just the life of the party. We had a blast together... there was no possible way that this wouldnt work lol.

I was wrong. We had two bathrooms, hers was in the hallway and mine was in my room. We'd both be up in the mornings getting ready to go to work, and about a week after we moved in... she stopped closing doors. I walked out of my room one morning and had to walk past her bathroom to get to the kitchen to make some coffee. The girl is stark naked and blowing her hair dry. I just keep walking... ignoring her nakedness and acting like it's not a big deal... i mean she was in her bathroom... so what. Well... she didnt like the fact that i didnt say good morning to her, so she walks out into the hallway after me, with both her arms held above her head with the blowdryer and brush, and yells "GOOD MORNING!!!!!" with a big smile on her face. I just smile and say good morning back and go on about my coffee business. She then joins me in the kitchen and starts making her lunch that she'll be taking with her (still no clothes). Ok... so the girl likes to be naked. Awkward... but I can handle it lol. This continued everyday.

About a month after we had been living together, she met a guy. She brought him home a couple times, and I thought he wasnt right for her at all, but never expressed this. He was a tall bald guy, very simple minded and just didnt ever really seem like he was all there, but she liked him a lot. April was loud and glamorous, and he seemed like a quiet farm boy or something, just to kinda give you a visual. Anyway, two weeks after they'd been dating, he got into a fight with his roommate after finding out that the roommate had been ripping him off with the power bill. You'd think that if your roommate were telling you that you owe $280 a month just for the power, you'd ask to see the statement, but he never had. So can you guess what happens next? He's moving in with us, on her day off, while I'm at work, and I 'guess' they never got around to asking me. I come home to boxes and boxes and boxes everywhere. I, ummm.. well... I asked her what was going on. April apparently wasn't prepared to answer my question. She mumbled the story about his roommate and about how he needed a place to stay. I said "ummm... ok... but don't you think you should have asked me before just moving him in?" BIG MISTAKE. She went off the hinges. I was standing in the doorway of my room, and she was in the doorway of hers which was next to mine. She started yelling like a crazy person and starts coming towards me, one step at a time. She corners me into my room and is screaming that I'm a bad friend and that I shouldnt have a problem with this and that I have no right to make him feel not welcome here and blah blah blah. I couldnt get a word in... but I'm pretty sure my jaw was on the floor. The whole time this was going on, farm boy was sitting in the den just listening.

For the next couple months, I'd frequently come home to them having sex in the den on my couches. During the day. And I'd get to witness her fighting with him too, him being really quiet and sheepish, while she ranted and screamed about this or that, and he'd just take it.

The girl is psycho. But somehow she got promoted or something, and he apparently did too, and they ended up buying a house together, and thankfully moved out, after only 2 months of dating. Funny thing is, I hear they're still together, and she is now wanting a baby (she wants to have 7 kids and he's not ready, but is too sheepish to tell her no.

Ok I know this was a long long story, but just to put some icing on the cake, a friend of mine who lived in the building took over April's part of the lease when she moved out, because her lease was ending right around the same time. She saw what I went through with April, and since I had known her for over a year, I thought she'd be ok to live with. Long long long story short, she actually started dating a guy that she met outside of a chinese food store, who turned out to be a drug dealer and started dealing out of my apartment. I'm totally not kidding. I ended up just sleeping on my mom's couch for a couple months until I could get someone else to move in and take over my part of the lease, I'm pretty sure that the apartment is just cursed or something.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'll pretend that I'm kissin the lips I am missin

and hope that my dreams will come true and then while I'm away I'll write home everyday and I'll send all my lovin... to you...

Fantastic weekend. My coworker and I did another bridal fashion show yesterday and it was a blast! We got to do hair for 9 models and we're getting a lot of practice for 'wedding season' that's coming up. We're organizing a full bridal department at the salon, I love doing bridal work and being around weddings. But anyway the show was fantastic and our girls looked amazing on the runway. :-)

One of our salon clients has asked me to do a painting collage to put in her daughter's bedroom (the daughter is actually my client, an adorable girl named Hannah). I suggested that she just bring in Hannah's pillowsham for me to match the colors, and last night I started on the piece. It's going to be 3 different canvases, all different sizes, and it's already coming along really nicely. I'm really excited about it, this is the first time I've done something to match someone's decor, it is so cute and I'll post pictures when I'm all done. I'm also working on a Cuban flag painting for another client, and will soon be starting on an old timey movie themed piece that's going to be huge for my friend who manages a movie theater. Super excited!

Downside... my mom is feely tingly again on her whole left side. Mid last year she thought she had a mini stroke, but they later told her that it was caused by a vitamin defiency. So she's been taking all these vitamins and her levels are back to normal, but now she's feeling the same feeling again. She'll be getting an MRI later this week to try to figure out what the heck is going on. On top of that, my grandma was recovering nicely from her thyroid surgery, but now they think she has MRSA so she's been admitted back to the hospital. My sister is driving my mom up there (to DC) as we speak. Ugh. This is all getting super stressful, especially for mom. I don't know but I think that she's probably feeling this way again from all the stress. Lord....

Other than that.. I had a great day today and it definitely took my mind off of all the crap going on. Had a lot of laughs and cleared my mind and saw Slumdog Millionaire... which is absolutely amazing and definitely a movie that everyone should see. I was tearin up by the end of it... it was just so eye opening and impacting. We left there just saying 'wow...' about 8 times lol. Really...... GOOD.

I hope everyone has a good week. :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

True Story.

so this is just absolutely hilarious to me. My most recent ex, the 'S is for squiggly soulmates' one, she is a freak about her hair. I am the only person that has ever cut her hair, and didnt make her cry hysterically. So, she recently asked me if I would do her hair... cuz it's long and thick and it gets nappy as crap if she doesnt get it regularly cut haha. So I said yes... (I didnt want to be the reason for her crying hysterically from getting a bad haircut) and then she asks me if I'd be available to cut two people's hair on the day she's coming in. I say, sure... but who is she bringing with her? Jen, she says. Get this. Jen is her ex who she dated before me, who she basically left to date me. A year ago, Jen wanted to punch me in the face. Possibly kill me. And if we had ever met, she might have succeeded. She is twice my size and oh so scary. But sure. I'll give the girl a haircut lol. It's cool. They're now friends and Jen's been saying she needs to get her hair done and the ex told her I was the best. (well, yeah... i am.) So next friday should be interesting and awkward but all around funny. Hopefully she'll like her hair and not punch me in the face. lol.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tell me now....

Are they not the cutest pups you've ever seen??????????
This is Lily (left) and Cookie, our puppies. They're getting tired laying on my leg here. I was laying in my chair, on my side, they're curled up behind my legs with their heads propped up, just starin at me. Oh my goodness I love them.

Cookie likes to stick out his tongue when he sleeps. and sometimes it wiggles while he's breathing. Funniest thing ever.

They're only about 7 months old, but when they get a little older, we're gonna breed them. They're both pure bred Dapple Daschunds. You can't really see Lily's 'dapple' spots in these pics... but they're very subtely there on her back.

Ya'll should see my cat Jezebelle wrestle with them. It's hilarious. They bark at her to get her all riled up, and then she gets down real low, and then... ATTACK!!! They tumble around and wrestle all the time. It's so cute! I swear, we have the cutest zoo here. I wanna see pics of ya'lls zoos if you have them!

Happy Monday!

Oh my goodness we were sooooooo slammed at work on Saturday. We even ran out of hot water for shampooing clients... not fun! But I love days like that at work, it went by so fast, and I love being able to work with so many different people in my chair in one day, having to run around back and forth between them (we don't actually have set stations in our salon, so if we have more than one client in there, it's likely we'll be running up and down the stairs, as we do the color and chemicals upstairs, and the cutting and styling downstairs). I had 3 new clients, among my others, and they were all a great success! (Can you tell I love my job?) I was also happy at the end of the day when I realized my back wasn't even hurting. I work at a salon where we have assistants that do our shampoos for us if we can't, and I was lucky on Saturday to not have to do any shampoos. Just doing one shampoo will make my lower back tighten up and ache for the rest of the day. With how busy I was though, I was sure that my back would be hurting, even without having to do the shampoos... but alas! It wasn't. Yay! haha...

My roommate and I are gonna go on a diet together. and excercise. and stuff. We went to the rec center and renewed our memberships, and then went swimming. I did laps, and he just did flips off the diving board over and over again for half an hour. Holy crap I'm out of shape... my heart was beating out of my chest by the end of that time. But it felt good! Swimming is definitely my favorite way to work out, really does work every muscle in your body. My arms felt like jello on the way home haha.

Anyway, I'm going to be keeping a daily blog about my diet and work out habits... If I actually have to answer to myself by logging it, maybe that'll help. And Chris and I will help to push each other too. My blog that I'll be using is private... cuz... ya know... I'm so not posting my weight on here publically lol. But I'll definitely post victories on here.

Been doing a lot of painting lately too, I'll be posting pictures of some of my new works in the near future. Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello All! Stephanie over at Confessions of a Student Nurse is having a fabulous fundraiser/giveaway. Her prizes are amazing and the fundraiser is for a really good cause. Click Here to read all about it!

Anyway... just a short update... Nana is doing great, her surgery went well and she's recovering nicely. One downside, they are having to take her blood periodically to make sure everything's going ok, and her veins keep collapsing... so she's got bruises all over her arms from where they keep pokin her. Other than that, she's healthy. They'll be doing tests and we'll know in about another week if it is in fact, cancer. Cross your fingers that it's not, and that if it is, it didnt spread.

I cut my hair this week... about 3 inches off. I've been trying to grow it out but i get so frustrated with it, how long it takes to style it, and how it suddenly seems to have a mind of its own after a certain point haha. Anyway... it's now back up to just brushing my shoulders. Fun! and at least this trim has made it feel so much healthier again.

I'm sick again! Seriously... what the heck! I just got over being sick like 2 weeks ago and now I'm so stuffed up again that my nose actually burns right below my eyes. So miserable!

I'm not really that sad about tomorrow being Valentines Day... I don't really care actually. I keep hearing people talk about it like they hate it.. but it's not really phasing me. Chris (the roommate) and I will probably see a movie. We tried to tonight, after dinner with my bestie and his lady, but it was sold out. We had a Walmart excursion instead. I swear... i just love that store hahaha.

Ok... just had a sneezing and sniffling fit... I'm gettin my sick butt in bed. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Be safe!